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London- one of the world's great cities - merits that title not just on sheer size but through its influence on history, commerce and the world of the arts and ideas.

For the student of history, London is a vast tapestry whose elements are Roman, Saxon, Norman, Medieval, Tudor, Stuart, Georgian, Victorian and the modern day. For the tourist, there is an abundance of treasures: museums, galleries, theatres, nightlife and old English taverns... to name just a few.

The story of London starts with the invasion of Britain in AD43, when the Roman legions moved up from the Kentish Coast and crossed the Thames at what is now Lambeth. The building of the first bridge over the Thames then set the course for London's continued growth over the past two thousand years. No-one can say they have truly travelled until they have visited this great city and spent a few days, weeks, months or even years enthralled by the past, present and future possibilities of London.


  Big Ben - Houses of Parliament - London